Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unintentional Invitation to Play: Color Me a Rainbow

I admire and am inspired by The Imagination Tree's Invitations to Play.  I've been meaning to start these up.  Turns out I created an unintentional invitation to play, of sorts.  I'll explain.

I may have a touch of OCD.  Last night before bed I found myself sorting our crayon box into the different colors - I thought we were low on red crayons, and I wanted to verify it, that's all.  And we do have only one red and two pink crayons, in a sea of silver, pale flesh and white crayons.

After sorting the crayons I returned them to the crayon box, neatly, in almost rainbow order.  I couldn't help myself.  The thought of tossing them in willy nilly made me uncomfortable.
This is what the crayon box looked like even after the girls used it

This morning my two older girls pulled out the crayons to color (I think it was already 6:45 AM *yawn*).  They both drew forms of rainbows.  Too funny!

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