Friday, July 27, 2012

The Dot, by Peter Reynolds: Book and Activity

Today I shared the book The Dot with my daughters.  

In this award winning (Irma S and James H Black Honor for Excellence in Children's Literature) story, Vashti find her creative energy unleashed by a single dot.  Great story, with the take-away phrase being, "Just make a mark and see where it takes you."

As our follow up activity to this book, I offered dotting markers to my girls.  Okay, they were really bingo markers I found at the dollar store, but it's the same concept.
We used these markers on cardstock spread on a plastic tablecover.  Good thing.  These markers were pretty drippy.
They weren't what I was hoping for, which was more like the Do-A-Dot markers, but each child from 1-6 years enjoyed using them.
1YO Blue at work
3YO Purple started with three distinct colors, then swirled them all to black
Making lakes and puddles for mermaids was 5YO Pink's objective
6YO Yellow incorporated the original dot shape the most in her work.  I rather like it.
There is still a lot of liquid color left in these markers.  What else can we make?

Update: About a month later I purchased the Do A Dot Art Markers to use for an arts and crafts activity for Yellow's birthday party.  We have used those markers a lot!  Over a year later and those markers have not ran out.  We have lost a couple of them to curious kids that pull the foam tip off (why?).  I like that the Do A Dot markers are washable, from both table and clothing. We have given these as gifts, too.  I bought mine from Amazon, in both the rainbow and brilliant color groups.  Highly recommend!

Update 3 years later: I just purchased another round of the Do A Dot Markers. The first batch lasted through four kids plus countless playdates for over three years. This time around we also bought the Shimmer and Fluorescent markers to add to the fun.

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