Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

We just finished celebrating Pink's 6th birthday, ala Lalaloopsy style.

Door sign - sister Yellow drew the top sign
For our door sign, party plan, games list, and other signs, I downloaded a new font, KB A Stitch in Time, that seemed fitting for our theme.  Then I located a button picture online, and replaced all the letters "o" with the button.

I found a list of Lalaloopsy games and activities here, and we picked four.

Party Plan and Games
As our guests arrived, we had them sign our birthday book, a tradition we started a couple years ago.  The book was Lalaloopsy: Party Time! , to go with Pink's party theme.

Next stop was to enter a guess as to how many buttons are in the button jar.

Then each guest was let loose on the letter craft.

Letter craft set up

The letter craft consisted of scrapbook paper, cut into strips, glued to a wooden letter (each child's first initial), and decorated with buttons.  It was inspired by this idea I found via Pinterest.

It was relatively easy to prep for, the kids got the concept and were creative, and then clean up was quick.  Especially since we worked atop a dollar store tablecloth.

Next we awarded a prize (Target had conveniently stocked their Dollar Spot with several Lalaloopsy items the week previous) for the closest guess for the Button Jar, and then we used those Button Jar buttons for the Button Hunt.

We asked the girls to wait in the hallway, while Dad and I hid buttons around the living room.

Casey dog guarding the Button Hunt during set up

We armed each girl with a small container in which to collect as many buttons as they could find.  And then they were off!

After all the buttons were claimed, the girl with the most was proclaimed the winner and awarded a prize.

The girls held onto their containers of buttons to play our next game, Button Bingo.  I bought this set the night before, though if I would have had more lead time, I could have made my own.  The Bingo-getter received a prize.

The last game was Button Toss.  Yellow decorated a box with a Lalaloopsy-like head, and we tossed three large buttons at it.  The final prize was awarded to the top tosser.

Next was presents, followed by cake and ice cream.  The cake was done by a local supermarket bakery, in what I believe is a pattern available in many bakeries.

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It was a pretty easy party to host, and the birthday girl had a good day!

Here are a few other items we used:

And here's the cake topper if you want to make the cake yourself: