Friday, October 19, 2012

The Four Gift Rule of Christmas

It's not even Halloween and I'm already scared..of Christmas.

Well, it's not that bad, actually.  Especially since last year we instituted the Four Gift Rule of Christmas:

Or as I remember it,

WANT it,
NEED it,
WEAR it,
READ it.

Last year was our first Christmas in which we were a single income family (I had become a SAHM, transitioning from full-time employment).  I needed to be more practical in my gift-giving.  

Following this Four Gifts rule made Christmas present selecting much easier, less time consuming and much less stressful.  Since we have four girls all within a range of five years, it made sense to figure out a type of present for each category, and then give something similar to all.  For example, everyone received a plaid skirt outfit last year for the WEAR category.

It was so sunny and nice we were outside blowing bubbles on Christmas Day

The most surprising aspect was that our girls made no comment about there being less presents than previous years.  

But, I have to say, Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday.  All the family togetherness and food, without the presents.

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