Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wardrobe for a Week Organizer..On the Cheap

I need organization, neatness, cleanliness..but I also have kids.  Four of them.  We have to get a couple of them to school on time in the morning.  One of the widely recommended methods to streamline the morning routine is to have the next day's outfit picked out, set out, and ready to go.  A beautiful tool to achieve this is a days of the week closet organizer, such as the one hanging in the picture below.
However, our closets are half this size, and we have multiple children in a room, so we have a different set up to work with.  Our closet is compartmentalized in a fairly non-adjustable way, so the hanging days-of-the-week organizer likely would not fit in a space that our schoolchildren could reach, plus we would need to fit two such organizers in the closet.  The other hang up is that those wonderful organizers cost about $30 each.  $30 X 4 = $120

I began searching for a days-of-the-week organizer that could go on the closet door, but didn't find one.  BUT I did find something that I thought might work instead.  

It does!

These things of beauty are Over The Door Hanging Purse Racks, which I purchased for $9.50 for the set of two (Note: Amazon prices change frequently, up and down, and the price at the time of this post is $11.80).  Shown here are my two schoolchildren's outfits for the coming school week, including soccer practices and games.  The purse racks have adjustable hooks that easily slide along the band.  I've squished the outfits down lower to the floor to ensure that each child can reach their own.  Monday's clothes are hung on top, Tuesday's under those, and so forth.  We even attach the undies and socks by threading them through the hangers or using clothespins I bought at the dollar store.

Even with the bulk of the clothes on these racks, they stay firmly attached to the closet door, and we can easily open and shut the door.

I'm very happy with this purchase and the organized results.  Sahweet!

I am very irritated, however, with the drawers of the armoire not being fully pushed in in the above pic.  Aaack, I can't stop looking at them.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yellow's 8th Birthday Party Theme: Only 363 Days to Go

Birthdays are big at our house.  We are awash in toys, so instead of buying more for birthday presents, we focus instead on planning and anticipating the birthday party.
In her head she is figuring out which piece has the most frosting - that piece will be hers!

Eight days ago we held a "sweet celebration" of Yellow's 7th birthday with an M&M theme party.  And her actual birthday was all of two days ago.  So now it is time to look ahead.  This morning Yellow announced that her 8th birthday will be a Monster High party.  She even made sketches and a party plan.

Yellow's Frankencake design
Only 363 days to go!