Friday, February 22, 2013

The Holy Ghost Helps Me: The Holy Ghost Comforter

The Holy Ghost Comforter

Materials Used:

  • "The Holy Ghost Helps Me" images printed on cardstock (click here to download)
  • construction paper cut into 2 1/4 inch squares
  • glue sticks
  • hole punch
  • yarn
  • chenille stem
  • wire cutter
  • laminator

For our Active Faith to accompany this LDS Primary lesson, The Holy Ghost Helps Me as taught to 3 year olds, I searched online for inspiration.  I found several references to using a blanket as a visual aid for how the Holy Ghost is our Comforter, giving us a warm and safe feeling.  Since "The Holy Ghost Gives Us Comfort and Help" is one of the main points of this lesson, I wanted to focus on that idea for our Active Faith.

As I covered the three main points of this lesson, I used this "The Holy Ghost Helps Me"  visual aid.  For the "Be comforted" piece I specifically chose a picture of a quilt square comforter.  

For our activity I handed each child a cardstock sheet that had "The Holy Ghost Helps Me" visual aid on one side, and a grid on the other.

I had previously cut 2.25" square pieces of construction paper in multiple colors, as well as several squares each containing the First Vision and CTR shield images.  These squares were our quilt squares, which the children chose and attached to their comforter using glue sticks.  

Once the quilt squares were filled, I ran each sheet through my laminator .  This is a bit of an extra step, as the finished product would be very similar if this step were skipped.  I chose to laminate these so that our comforters would endure multiple uses, perhaps as part of a quiet time kit.  I already had the laminating supplies so it was at no extra cost, either.

Once laminated I punched holes around the outside, using the quilt squares as markers.  I had previously cut yarn to the length needed to lace it around the outside of the quilt.  I tied one end in a knot to the comforter, and attached a lacing needle to the free end.  The "needle" is a short length of chenille stem, to which the yarn is knotted, and then the stem is bent in half and twisted.  The needle makes it easier for 3YO hands to lace the yarn without the end of the yarn coming undone.

Behold 3YO Purple's finished product.

Side 1
Side 2

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  1. This gives me some PERFECT ideas for the talk on Holy Ghost I am giving for my son's baptism tomorrow! Thank you!

    I couldn't get the handout to download though... it opened up my Google Drive, but not the document. Is there any way you could email it to me?