Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Princess Bath

I admit that this was not a well thought out idea, but I did mean well.  It was bath time and I decided moments before to quickly pull something fun together.  I gathered a princess doll and wand for each girl, some yellow food coloring, gold glitter, and a princess bath book, and headed to the tub.

As the tub filled I added several drops of the yellow food coloring, hoping to achieve a rich golden color.  Then as the bubbles developed, I sprinkled the gold glitter on top.  It looked pretty.

When the girls saw the set up, they were quite excited.  They chose their princess for the evening (no arguing - how did that happen?), selected their wand, and then Yellow read the book aloud.  The book is Disney Beauty and the Beast Bath Time Scrub Bubble Book "Busy Day" Bath Book.

After the book reading the girls began their imaginary play with their dolls and wands.  

They also tried blowing bubbles through their wands.  Kids always have a unique perspective.

I was just waiting for one of the girls to mention how the water looked like, well, you know, pee.  But they never did.  But I couldn't get past it.  So I added a couple drops of red, hoping to give it a richer, more golden hue.  It worked a little, but really, I should have made Purple's wishes come true, and had a royal purple bath.  Like I said before, this was not the most thought through idea.

Still, the girls had fun, and there was no potty talk.  All in all that makes for a good time.





BTW these baths are for real.  Check out the pizza sauce face above.

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