Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Princess Crown Stand

Our eldest, Yellow, is pretty darn creative.  Yesterday her big idea was to set up a princess crown stand, in the manner of a lemonade stand.  I am generally against lemonade stands, as I think that the neighbors are guilted in to buying something, rather than genuinely wanting a drink prepared by a 7YO.

But this was different.  Yellow was making crowns so that "all the girls can be princesses," and she was giving them away for free.  <3
Yellow explains her plan

Yellow did almost all of it on her own: she made the crowns, found a big box to keep them in, created a sign for her stand and attached it to another big box, and then she handed out instruments to her sisters so they could make "beautiful music" to attract attention to the crown stand.  All I did was haul out a small table and snap pics.
Lots of crowns

"Come get a prinses hat fore free you can dekrat it", or in other words:
Come get a princess hat for free.  You can decorate it.

Making "beautiful music" to attract potential princesses

The girls, waiting to give away crowns

What is your experience with lemonade (or other) stands?


  1. How totally adorable!! What a creative and generous girl you have there. Thanks for sharing this on my page. PS don't forget you can come and link up any posts you want to showcase on It's Playtime on my blog each wednesday (The Imagination Tree)