Monday, June 4, 2012

Mom School: Hannah and the Seven Dresses, by Marthe Jocelyn

Today is our first Monday of the Summer break, which means we began a new weekly schedule.  I chose Hannah and the Seven Dresses as our Mom School book to illustrate the different days of the week.

6YO Yellow read the book aloud to her sisters (this doubled as a bedtime story, hence the pajamas).

In the book, Hannah chose which of her seven dresses to wear based on the day of the week.  Similarly our schedule depends on the day of the week, with certain activities happening on certain days.  Our follow up activity reinforced this concept.

I had prepped for the follow up activity by creating a blank schedule, and corresponding images with which to fill it in.  To do this, in Word I created a table: the columns contain the days of the week, and the rows contain the activities in which we participate.  Since I have two non-readers and my 4YO is not fully reading, I searched online to find an image to represent each activity.  I inserted that image into the appropriate cell(s) of the table.  I then printed a copy of the completed table.

Our printed table shows we have five days of swim lessons (swimsuit), one day for our city's reading in the park program (park bench), six days of chores (broom), six days to play with friends (swingset with the letter below; the letter is the initial of the family who is hosting that day's play time), and church (CTR insignia).

The OCD/perfectionist in me really wanted to print that, show it to the kids, and call it good.  But then that wouldn't have been an interactive activity, now, would it have been.

So I then printed a version of the table with the images removed.

Next step was to cut out the images and stash them in an envelope.

So now that it is time for our activity, I dumped out the images from the envelope and asked 3YO Purple to sort them into like piles.

Once that was complete 6YO Yellow and 4YO Pink worked together to decide which images belonged to which columns and rows.  I wielded the glue stick as well as my approval to their decisions.

 I hung the finished weekly schedule on our kitchen magnetic board for easy reference.

I had done a similar weekly schedule earlier in the year, working with 4YO Pink at the time (see below).  The two older girls used that schedule as a reference point, which is why I repeated this activity for our changing schedule.

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