Monday, June 4, 2012

Tea Party Bath..with Sprinkles on Top

It was getting grumpy around here this evening, so I decided to change things up with a surprise at bath time.  Inspired by the fun sensory baths by Growing A Jeweled Rose, I hobbled together a quick idea for a tea party.  We no longer have a full set of tea party dishes, so I gathered what I could find and made due. 

I'm (ever so slowly) eliminating artificial coloring from my children's diet, so I did find it a bit ironic that here I was adding it to their bath.  While I was in the pantry finding the food coloring, I spied this bottle of multicolored sugar sprinkles.  Having decorated many cupcakes and cookies with my girls, I know their love for sprinkles.  So I grabbed that, too.

I added several drops of red food coloring to the tub as it filled, turning it pink.  Then I sprinkled the sprinkles on top.  I wasn't certain what the effect would be.  Turns out about half sank through the bubbles immediately, but others slowly melted into the bubbles, staining them with color.
I added more sprinkles into the cups and teapot, so the girls could play with those, too.  When I opened the door to the bath the girls were so excited, they couldn't peel off their clothes fast enough.
After a while the bubbles disappeared, as they do, leaving behind the perfectly pink water, and cleaner and happier girls.  Yay!

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