Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mom School: Germs Are Not for Sharing, by Elizabeth Verdick

Pink chose this day's Mom School book, Germs Are Not for Sharing (Board Book) (Best Behavior Series).  As we read the book we paused to rehearse sneezing on our sleeve and other helpful practices the book described.

In follow up we did a sort of germ transfer experiment, based on the idea described at Outside I had the girls pretend to cough or sneeze on their hands, then I sprayed their hands with cooking spray. Next came the germs in the form of glitter. I thought that Pink and Purple would want to wipe their hands off right away, but instead they asked for more! I then sent them on their way to ride their bikes and play outside as usual. We watched as glitter was left on the surfaces they touched. After about twenty minutes the girls wanted to wash their hands, which was good practice in hand washing.

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