Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mom School: A Day with Mommy, Illustrated by Melanie Florian

With the two older girls off to play with friends, and the youngest still at nap, 3YO Purple and I found ourselves with time together.  This brought to mind the book A Day with Mommy (Sticker Stories).

The rhymes in this book detail how a daughter and mom spend a special day together, doing girly mommy-daughter things.  I'm not a real girly-girl myself, and neither is Purple (at least not at three years old).  But Purple does like "sparkle toes" (painted toenails).  So after reading the book together, painting toenails was our activity of choice.

First Purple chose two shades.  Because two are better than one.  However, the first shade was a pink glitter that wasn't as sparkly on the toes as it looked in the bottle - disappointment.

So we painted both toes with her other selection - magenta!

The next step is to wait, making this a good learning opportunity for a preschooler.  If you don't wait, or don't wait long enough, the pretty polish will rub off.  Waiting is good.

Another learning opportunity came out of this, too.  In the time it took for me to set my camera down and pick up a bottle of polish off the floor, Purple had swiped the other bottle of polish, made her way to another (carpeted) room, and was in the midst of applying a thick coat of the glitter polish to her fingernails.  Purple has a streak of stubbornness and was not about to give up on the glitter.  I quickly guided her back to the other room containing hard, flat surfaces, and provided a scrap paper for her to rest her wet nails on while I painted her other hand.  Whew.  I learned my lesson.

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