Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bedtime Book: Little House in the Big Woods

Started up a new routine tonight for me to read to my girls at bedtime.  Well, we've been doing a variation of that for most of this past school year.  We would eat dinner, bathe, and then gather in the living room to drink chocolate milk and read books.

With Yellow being in first grade, the expectation was that she read twenty minutes daily, so she was usually the one reading aloud.

For our summertime routine we observe "Quiet Time" in the early afternoon after lunch, during which my girls can choose from activities such as reading, journaling, drawing, doing puzzles, and building with Legos.  I am leaving it up to Yellow to decide when and how much she will read, as long as I see that she is reading some.

Beginning tonight, our bedtime reading takes place in the bedroom of the three older girls (baby Blue is still in her crib in her own room).

Another "new" aspect is that we are reading a chapter book together.  And it is my all-time favorite series: The Complete Little House Nine-Book Set.

As a young girl I received a Little House set one year for Christmas, and I devoured it over the holiday break.  It was the first time that I lost myself within a story, and I hated when it was over.  That good.

When I shared with the girls what book we were reading, and that it didn't have many pictures, Yellow grumped about "hating" those kind of books.  But she was mesmerized when I began to read.  Even Purple listened with interest, once she stopped kicking the wall.  Pink fell asleep within a few minutes, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, either.

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