Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Homekeeping Hint: Double Wrapped Mattress

Not a fun subject, but this helps make an icky issue less so.  If you have children in diapers, just out of diapers, or one that has the occasional nighttime accident, I recommend double wrapping the mattress using waterproof mattress covers.  I have done this for each child as they moved from crib to bed, and it has always been effective.

First, cover the mattress in a waterproof mattress cover.  I use the Room Essentials brand from Target; it is inexpensive, soft, long-lasting and, oh yeah, waterproof.

Next, layer on a fitted sheet, followed by another waterproof mattress cover, and then the final fitted sheet.

There are a few advantages of double wrapping the mattress.

  1. If there is a nighttime accident, the top layer of sheet and mattress cover can be removed, and the child can sleep the remainder of the night on the next layer.  No fussing to remake the bed or find another spot to sleep in the middle of the night.
  2. If the nighttime accident isn't found until the next day, even after the puddle has been on the bed all day, it is blocked by the second layer of mattress cover if it happened to leak through the first.  I know this to be true.
  3. You do not need to worry about storing that second set of sheets for the bed.  You will always know where it is.
  4. When I do the regular laundering of the bed sheets, I am lazy efficient in that I wash only the top set, then replace them as the top layer once washed and dried.  No need to fold a fitted sheet if you don't have to.

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