Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mom School: Ocean Splash, by Dalmation Press

Friday, June 8th, will be World Oceans Day.  Since we live in a landlocked area, and we will be camping but not near an ocean on Friday, I surprised the girls with a special bath tonight to celebrate.  And I included a new bath book, so the girls dubbed it as a Mom School moment.

I found everything for this bath, including the book, at the local dollar store.  Well, besides the food coloring that I already had.  Though the dollar store might have that, too.

The only online place I found the book, Ocean Splash! by Dalmation Press, is Amazon, in which it is part of a four book set.

The book has darling illustrations with ocean creatures asking the reader to "Flap your flippers!" and "Swish your tail!".  As I read this to my girls, they did the actions.  Especially helpful was the request to "Make some bubbles!", as this prompted Purple to put her face in the water and blow bubbles, something that she has been reluctant to do in swim lessons.

The bath itself contained a couple bags of glass pebbles and four dolphins, which were initially hidden under the bubbles.  Yellow found a dolphin first, and then asked if there were sharks, too.  I'm not sure whether she was hopeful or concerned when asking that question.

The girls made it a game to see who could collect the most pebbles, which entailed counting practice (sneaky math).  Then they sorted them into like colors.  I would be remiss if I did not mention that both my 1YO and 4YO found it pleasant to put the pebbles in their mouths, so I had to watch out for that.

Oh, and Pink pretended the pebbles were contacts.  Funny!

As we were draining the water, Yellow asked if we could leave the pebbles in the bottom of the tub to show Jesus that we knew it was the Oceans Day even though we won't be home.  I think the best way to respond to that type of question is "yes."

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