Monday, February 11, 2013

V Is for Valentine: Valentine Hearts Bath

Part of our Mom School series

Valentine Hearts Bath

Materials Used:
  • foam hearts (I purchased these at Target's Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree)
  • cherry Jell-O
  • shaving cream
  • decorating bottles
To create our Valentine Hearts bath, I filled the tub with bubbles and added cherry Jell-O for the rich red color and the cherry scent.  Plus the Jell-O was in our pantry where it has been languishing for several months, with no plans in sight to be eaten.

I dipped the foam hearts into the bath water to moisten, and then stuck them to the tub walls.  To make this an interactive bath, I filled decorating bottles with shaving cream, much as I did for our Gingerbread Bath.  

The girls gladly tried their hand at decorating the hearts.

And then they noticed that red + white = pink.  Soon all the shaving cream was merged with the red water to create a opaque pink pool.

Which the girls reveled in.  Much fun!

Blue didn't want to leave the bath so she saved some water in the emptied bottles, and then played like a mad scientist, pouring it back and forth between the bottles.

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