Tuesday, February 12, 2013

V Is for Valentine: Scissor Practice

Part of our 
Mom School series

Scissor Practice

Materials Used:

  • children's scissors
  • construction paper
  • black marker
3YO Purple has limited scissor skills, so this was an activity to give her more experience, as well as to explore symmetry.  I folded a quarter page of the construction paper in half, traced half of a V, and then a heart, and then the letter E (the first letter of Purple's actual name).  I handed the paper to Purple to cut along the lines.

I made the mistake of starting out with the heart shape; the curves were too much for Purple and she became frustrated, so I finished the shape off myself.  I quickly shifted to the V and E shapes, which are straight lines.  

The middle line of the E was dissected, but otherwise Purple persisted in cutting out the shapes.  She was excited to then open up the folded shapes to discover their true identity.  When she unfolded the E she traced the shape with her finger, and then proudly announced that it was a W.  And she was right!  It is a W when turned on its side.  And upside down it is an M.

Some unexpected observation or learning always seems to come of these activities, adding to the fun.

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