Thursday, November 22, 2012

T Is for Turkey

Mom School, third week of November

T Tracing with Toothpicks and Turkey Playdough

Materials Used:

  • Toothpicks
  • Printed letter "T" in upper- and lowercase (I used a flash card)
  • Tan playdough
  • Googly eyes

We started our Turkey unit by learning to shape the letter T using toothpicks and playdough.  After just a few weeks of Mom School, Purple is becoming much quicker to try fashioning a letter, or a turkey, on her own.  Previously she might have asked me to make the turkey while she watched, but this time she created a turkey all by herself without any prompting other than my announcing "Here's some playdough and toothpicks that we can use to make a turkey."

She was so proud of her finished product that we plated it for safekeeping so that Daddy could check it out later.

Yellow later reworked the turkey into her own creation.  Looks a tad dry, but otherwise, I'd eat it.

Turkey in the Bath

Materials Used:

I decided that if I am doing a theme bath to go with our weekly unit, I should do it early in the week so the kids can keep it going all week long.  

So the first night of our unit we had a turkey in the bath.  It seemed to do terrible things to the water.  Okay, that was just my attempt to make this a "full sensory bath" by adding our color of the week to the water.  It doesn't look very good, but it did smell great since I colored it using about a 1/4 cup of cocoa powder.  But I skipped this step on subsequent baths.

Even 1YO Blue got into making turkeys.

Turkey Pancakes

Materials Used:
  • Pancake batter (I recommend Fluffy Pancakes)
  • Chocolate chips (just a couple)

We usually have breakfast for dinner once a week, so it was easy to turn this into a Mom School moment.  I try to involve the kids in the cooking when I can (and have enough patience left in my tank).  Here Blue got to whisk - pure bliss!

Each child was given a few "feathers", a couple rounds, and two chocolate chips to fashion a turkey.  And then gobbled it up.

Color by Number, Letter & Shape Turkey Feathers

Materials Used:

M&Ms AND Mom School?  In 3YO Purple's eyes, it doesn't get any better than this.  After printing the turkey template, I wrote a number, letter or shape within each circle.  I then created a legend for Purple to follow to figure out which color M&Ms go where.  This was good practice for our "of the week" letter, number and shape, as well as for colors.  I think I'll rework this for our upcoming E Is for Evergreen unit.

I don't think Purple will mind.

Turkey Handprints in Paint

Materials Used:
  • Tempura paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper

This is pretty self-explanatory.  Another picture tells more of the story.

We finished it off by writing a few things that the girls are thankful for, on the turkey's feathers.  This one is Purple's.

Turkey Treats

Materials Used:
  • Golden Oreo
  • Nilla Wafer
  • Round candy, like M&Ms or Skittles
  • Candy corn

This treat was inspired by the treats created at Dixie Delights.  I adapted it to what we had on hand and that the girls could easily work with.

Here is what 7YO Yellow came up with, using the materials.

And then 3YO Purple's - so sweet!

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