Monday, June 11, 2012

Parenthood: Soaking It All Up

At bath time I complained to the girls about how their splashing soaked the bath rug and made puddles on the floor.  I used two towels (from the dirty towels hamper) to mop up the mess, muttering under my breath while doing so.  

When I stepped away to another room to help one sister change into her pajamas, 3YO Purple helpfully used ALL the other towels within her reach to soak up the remaining water spots.

Upon returning to the bathroom, Purple proudly showed me how she covered the floor so that her sisters wouldn't slip on it.

I thanked her for her helpfulness.  I may have mentioned that it would have been even more helpful to keep the water in the tub in the first place.  But I think I kept my tone pleasant when doing so.

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