Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mom School: The M and M and the Alien, by Yellow

On the way home from this morning's swim lessons, the girls decided that our Mom School activity would be to make cookies, M&M cookies.  Then they made up their own story so as to make making cookies a follow up activity.  Manipulators.

So our story today is "The M&M and the Alien", by 6YO Yellow.  I have captioned her work, in case you are not fluent in early writer language.

 The author, Yellow

 "Once upon a time an M&M went to outer space."

"An alien turned the M&M into an M&M cookie."

"It is so sad."

"She went back to earth."

"Everyone said 'What happened?'
It was a long sad story."

"The End"

Yellow used her remaining pages from her first grade journal to write and illustrate the story (on her own).

To give this activity a little educational value for Pink and Purple, we sorted the M&Ms by color, and had Purple name the colors.

If I would have had more patience, our next step would have been to count and graph the M&Ms by color, such as this.

But I was a bit stressed in monitoring the cleanliness of everyone's hands, since we were going to then use those M&Ms in cookies that we would have for our big group playdate later.  Germs are killed by baking, right?

By the way, a few days ago I picked up this chip dish from the dollar spot at Target, and I have already used it several times.  None of which were for chips.

Pink and Purple hung out with me while I assembled the cookie dough, adding the M&Ms when it was time.

And here are the finished products - M&Ms turned to M&M cookies.  Wait a minute..does that make me the alien?  Is there symbolism in Yellow's story?

And, no, this is not the first time that I have been conned into making cookies for Mom School.  Here's that story.

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