Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not Homemade Bath Paint

Tonight we tried out one of the DIY bath paint recipes that are out there in the mommy blogger / Pinterest world.  Results were mixed (get it, mixed).  The recipe we used simply involved shaving cream (the cheapest you can find, such as that at the dollar store) + food coloring.  I wanted the girls to participate in the process of creating the paints, so I toted my entire collection of food coloring to the bath so everyone could choose a color to mix.

The girls thought it was a fun, new thing, and got to work painting the walls around the tub.  

And then their faces, inspired by Blue's attempt to lick the paint off a finger.




Then I left the room to grab the towels which I had forgotten to do beforehand.  Now I know that you should never leave a child alone in the tub for safety reasons.  But sometimes, I think the property damage risk is just as great.  I returned to find Pink adding the food coloring collection directly to the tub water.

The pic below does not fully capture how murky looking it was.

The good news is that the kids had fun and the coloring did wash away clean from skin and tub.

But I was disappointed in the bath paint results.  The colors were muted and it was difficult to paint with any precision.  My expectations were off, I'm sure.

I'll keep on trying different ideas to occasionally surprise the girls at bath.  But I also will go back to something that worked for us in the past.  A couple years ago my girls received a set of Crayola® No-Drip Watercolors.  Even though these were meant to be a "cleaner" way for kids to enjoy watercoloring, I was still skeptical (and more uptight about cleanliness back then, too).  So I decided to let the girls use these watercolors in the bath, so as to contain the mess.  Awesome!

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