Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink Bathtime Fun

My girls spent about 5 hours in a pool and additional hours after that playing outside, and this was the morning that I forgot to put sunscreen on them.  Looking at Pink's pink face at dinner, I felt I owed her.  Thinking pink, I of course thought of Pinkalicious.  And what would be more refreshing for those flushed cheeks than a larger than life pink drink?  Yep, a bath inspired by Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink.

In this story Pinkalicious sets out to create some pinkatastic drink to sell at her lemonade stand.  She gets creative in figuring out how to turn her lemonade pink.

Our pink lemonade bath was more straightforward.  Pink food coloring, pink glitter, and a generous amount of bubbles.  It was so pretty!

I let my own Pink in on the secret bath waiting upstairs, and she helped me round up an assortment of pink toys to play with in the bath.  Then I grabbed the ice trays and four pink straws, and we announced that it was bath time. 

I had made the bath a bit warmer than usual, so I dumped the ice cubes in the tub, and then the girls jumped in.  It was fun to feel the heat from the water and the cold from the cubes.  But the cubes quickly melted.

Each of the girls right away tried to make the biggest and most bubbles using their straws.  You know, it was more quiet than usual.  Hmmm...

Once the bubbles faded away, they became very involved in building with the blocks that were among the pink toys.  We haven't brought blocks to the tub in a long time (ever?), and this really captured their imagination.

Yellow requested that her building be left intact for next bath time.

Purple requested that we have a purple bath soon.

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