Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bullseye in Teaching My Girls Their Place in This World, Literally

We are fortunate to live close to grandparents and cousins, and we frequently drive to visit them.  About a year ago when one child or another was being fussy and wondering "How long until we get there?!", I started calling out the names of the cities as we drove through them, hoping to give them a sense of where we were.  This has now become a tradition as we make that drive.  To help my girls remember each location, I also explained who lived in each city.

"We are now passing by the city of [B] where Grandma C and Grandpa L live."

"This is [F] where cousins L and B live."

"We're at Grandma E's and Grandpa R's town.  What is it called?"

There is one city that we pass where none of our family live.  So what did I do?

"Now we are in [C] where Target lives."

Bullseye on teaching my girls the important things in life ;)

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