Tuesday, October 16, 2012

C Is for Cat

Mom School, first week of October

Monthly Focus: Features of Halloween 
Weekly Theme: Cat
Letter: C
Number: 4
Shape: Diamond
Color: Purple

I "C" You Playdough Writing
3YO Purple enjoys playdough; almost daily our box of playdough and playdough tools can be found scattered across the kitchen table.  And as one might guess, her favorite color is purple.  So for this activity I cooked up a batch of purple playdough.  I then traced the letter C into the clay, and offered up googly eyes for Purple to trace the C with.  She really took to this activity, and 1YO Blue did her best to help out.

At the end of the playdough session, the googly eyes were mixed into the dough, and most of the purple had joined forces with the black playdough from the previous week, creating a dark mass with the occasional eye watching you.  Very appropriate for Halloween.

Create a Cat Cookie
Treat time!  For this activity we waited until Pink and Yellow were home from school, and invited a couple of 7YO friends to join, too.  Each child was given the same supplies and challenged to create a cat cookie.

BTW I recommend these Easy Sugar Cookies - they live up to their name and are very good.  They were still soft on the third day.  Yum!


I like how the mouth is detailed in licorice
Notice how neat this one is - nice!
3YO Purple's cat creation
This one is mine - I cheated and cut up a second cookie to make my ears

Cat Mask
To concentrate on our shape of the week, the diamond, I offered Purple several diamond cut outs of different colors, along with a paper plate, and asked if she wanted to make a cat mask.  

The Prototype
The answer was yes, but she insisted that instead of yellow or pink diamonds, they must all be purple.  And that the plate be purple.  She's a stickler.  So I obliged.  And then she took my diamonds, too.

I would be afraid to meet this cat in an alley - teehee!

Three Little Kittens' Mittens Search
I gave an energetic reading of the Three Little Kittens poem, which left Purple giggling.  Next I asked her to find the ten pairs of mittens hidden in the living room.  To create the mittens I printed this page of mittens with different patterns, and then cut out the individual mittens.  After finding the mittens Purple then matched them into pairs.

Purple had fun with this one, even keeping the mitten papers to play again later with her sisters.

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