Sunday, July 15, 2012

Purple's Bad Dream

"Mom, I wish you had a bad dream, and I have a bad dream, and I hang onto you."
Oh, dear.  3YO Purple is going through a stage where she is afraid to go to sleep because she might have a bad dream.  I reminded her of the Blue's Clues story, Blue's Bad Dream.  Blue has a dream about a dragon with big, sharp teeth, and it scares Blue.  She wakes up frightened and afraid to go back to sleep.  Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper help comfort Blue, and explain that when she is having a bad dream, she can use her imagination to turn it into a good dream.  And Blue does!

This is a good book on a topic that is important to children.  Purple's words prompted me to pull this book into rotation in our home library.  I recommend this book if you know of a child that has similar nighttime concerns.

Even so, Purple's last words before falling asleep were "Mommy, don't let go of me."  Aww.

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