Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And I Said "Darn It!"

Today on our way in to this morning's swim lessons, the girls were talking about their new classes, since a new session started yesterday.

6YO Yellow: I have only girls in my class, five of them.
4YO Pink: I have only one boy in my class, and no girls but me.
3YO Purple: I had a screaming baby in my class, and I said "Darn it!"

What Purple is referring to is the fact that there was only one other student in her class, and it was a child who was probably coming to her first swim lesson ever, and was afraid and crying (loudly) for several minutes in the beginning.  

What makes this funny is that this other student was a girl about the same age and size as Purple, yet she referred to her as a "screaming baby".

And that she said "Darn it!"

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