Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pajama Playdate

6YO Yellow asked to have a couple friends over for a pajama playdate "when it is later", meaning past our usual 6pm playtime ending.  So we did.  Just a short one.  Long enough for them to join us for our "Scripture Sundae" (we read a scripture story while eating ice cream - a win-win, really).

(And by the way, this image is a coloring page from, which has many coloring pages and worksheets in which you can customize the text.  Awesome!)

After being edified by our scriptures and ice cream, we played lullabies, to which the girls danced in their own original styles.  My favorite lullaby album by far is Disney's Lullaby Album.  Love, love, love!

Following our dance segment I helped the girls make Lavender and Glitter Sensory Salt, an idea shared days earlier by The Imagination Tree.  The girls chose which color to dye their salt, as well as which glitter (and how much) to add.  Be prepared to say goodbye to any and all glitter set out for this project.  Or maybe that is just at my house.

The results were beautiful.

We actually had too much salt in the containers, except for one that had some  spilled out by accident.  But the girls enjoyed simply running the salt through their fingers and stirring yet more glitter into the mix.

Since we had four girls making this, I used four glass storage containers of roughly the same size that I had on hand.  I think foil pie plates would make a great container, especially for sending home with friends.

When our playdate came to an end, we dumped the salt back into our baggies, and said goodnight.

And then after the girls were asleep, I tried the salt in a couple different containers, just for kicks.

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